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COVID-19 Response Initiatives Across Africa

Under the current circumstances, several countries with reported COVID-19 cases are already facing economic downturns with many businesses closing down, stretched healthcare systems, increasing unemployment, and an increasing poverty gap.


Curfews and lockdowns are imminent and in many countries have already been implemented, leading to economic implications that will affect the African population for decades to come.

In partnerships with African Union, Africa CDC, World Economic Forum and Africa Healthcare Federation, AHB is implementing the Africa Response to COVID-19 Platform (ARC) which will focus on short-term interventions given the crisis, but with a forward-looking view on potential ‘rebound’ opportunities in the mid-term to long-term.

The platform function as a centralized location to facilitate knowledge and best practice sharing on COVID-19 as well and how the private sector can support stretched healthcare systems by mobilizing capabilities and resources and ensure business and supply chain continuity.

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