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About HappyAir

HappyAir is an ecosystem for integrated care. It has been developed for patients affected by chronic or rare respiratory  disease and pulmonary conditions.

We provide a multifunctional approach:  Including healthcare professionals, therapists and patients in their clinical-care and self-management, with shared benefits.

HappyAir ecosystem enables people to share relevant information, to make shared decisions based on a common understanding about the patient’s progress & personal health information.  This provides a better dialogue for guidance in personalized integrated care plans and in parallel, the patient receives a direct benefit from their participation, in providing relevant data for R&D that will turn in better health services and health for them.

Empowered patients learn more easily how to better care themselves and how to participate in this ecosystem, being more dynamic and looking after their own health, while supported by their Integrated care team.

Becoming part of the HappyAir Smart Community.

HappyAir provides a socially responsible model which is available to organizations, healthcare professionals and patients or family- members who need accessible solutions, including rural populations.

We train healthcare professionals as therapeutic educators with developed skills in using digital resources and working with chronic conditions in motivation, adherence and behavior change.

It contributes creating better health solutions that enhance patient’s empowerment, when patients share relevant information clinicians & researchers can track to provide better understanding of multi-morbidity and integrated care issues for R&D.

HappyAir is an initiative of the Lovexair Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the care, support and guidance of people with respiratory diseases. Our mission is to improve peoples’ quality of life in spite of their illness and support the health professionals and therapists who treat and care for every type of person affected.

Lovexair has developed this initiative to make progress in digital health in a globally connected community where care resources are reducing in healthcare systems or there is no access.

Clinical Validation:

This clinical intervention study, has given us valuable learnings about solutions that works with patients in tele-care support and provided us with key information to develop our platform in 2018.
The Lovexair Foundation works to provide research and care support leaded by research collaborators, clinicians with expertise in key areas, recognized individuals and organizations. Our care model was developed and tested with the collaboration of three leading hospitals in Madrid and a number of care professionals from academia. The m-health care model has been presented & published with first results in the COPD Journal, USA and the ERS, Milan 2017  providing evidence-based outcomes during a year of working with patients and healthcare professionals.

The portal provides social community support and the platform manages the clinical data complying with GDPR in Amazon Secure Cloud for Health and Life Sciences. Organizations or networks of researchers can connect, to manage their own healthcare professional environment and their patient community from remote locations or within their own healthcare center.

At Lovexair we work to ensure we act responsibly as a trusted partner who has the best interest of the community at the centre of our Ecosystem: for their care today and their future tomorrow.

We want to work together to grow our expertise, train and teach people the benefits of getting active in the future of healthcare, share resources with partners to bring better outcomes, work with clinicians, researchers, IT SMEs, start-ups and patients, to engage people safely in meaningful digital health solutions.

Become part of the HappyAir Smart Community and change peoples’ lives.


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