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International Digital Economy and Society Index 2018

The International Digital Economy and Society Index (I-DESI) measures the digital economy performance of EU28 Member States and the EU as a whole in comparison with 17 non-EU countries, using a similar methodology to the EU DESI index.

The I-DESI aims to mirror and extend the results of the European Commission’s Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) by finding indicators that measure similar variables for non-EU countries. The DESI is a composite index that benchmarks relevant indicators on digital performance and tracks the evolution of the EU as a whole and its member states in digital competitiveness. I-DESI combines 24 indicators and uses a weighting system to rank each country based on its digital performance with the aim to benchmarking the development of the digital economy and society. It measures performance in five dimensions or policy areas: connectivity, human capital (digital skills), use of Internet by citizens, integration of technology and digital public services.

Analysis showed that EU28 Member States compare well with 17 non-EU countries and the very best EU28 countries have digital performances at the same or higher levels than the best global countries. Indeed Denmark was the leading country in the I-DESI index. EU28 Member States perform best, relative to the 17 non-EU countries, in the Connectivity dimension (examining the deployment and take-up of fixed and mobile broadband) and in the Citizen Use of the Internet dimension.


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